Were Here To Protect Your Entire Team

A secure work environment safeguards associates from harm and has the potential to decrease expenses related to injuries, minimize absences and turnover, and boost overall associate morale.

Ensure The Safety Of Your Most Valuable Asset:

Your Associates

We consider your team members to be your hotel's most precious asset. That's why we've developed ProSafe, a user-friendly platform designed to safeguard your invaluable associates from various forms of harassment, ensure compliance, and optimize your workflow, saving you significant costs along the way.

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ProSafe Puts The Power Of Safety In The Hand’s Of The Associates

Panic Button

Add a layer of safety and peace of mind with ProSafe's Panic Button. Based off the associate’s comfort level with the situation they can activate the Panic Button silently or audibly.

Evidence Gathering

Audio and Visual evidence will be automatically encrypted and saved both on the device and remote server to ensure all evidence is protected.


This feature of our platform is patented and alerts the dashboard and every active user of ProSafe simultaneously, directly via our platform ensuring the quickest possible response time.

A Simple Yet Powerful And Efficient Process

Admin Account


Setting up a ProSafe account is straightforward and hassle-free. Just click the "Protect My Hotels" button on our website, input your hotel’s details, and provide your preferred payment method. If you wish to assess our solution before making a commitment, a Free Trial option is available.

Hotel Information


After setting up your account, you will be guided to provide all essential information about your hotel. You can either use our streamlined hotel setup on our web app or opt for the bulk import feature if you prefer uploading all the details at once.

Self Install

Associates Setup

Once your hotel setup is complete, you will receive a Welcome Aboard Packet from ProSafe. Follow the straightforward implementation instructions, add your associates to the platform, conduct tests with ProSafe to ensure staff comprehension of the platform, and you're all set!

ProSafe Simplifies The Process For Hotels To Ensure Their Team's Safety, Allowing Them To Focus On Their Daily Tasks


Lack of evidence can lead to accusations, complicating management decisions. ProSafe ensures precise incident details with automatic remote storage for audio and video, preventing data loss if employee devices are damaged or stolen.


You'll feel safe and secure knowing that you have the Panic Button at your fingertips.

QR-RFID Room/Area Level Accuracy & Location Triggers

To ensure the swift location of your hotel associates in emergencies, ProSafe's QR-RFID location tracking is more accurate than beacons, enabling quick assistance within seconds.


During emergencies, if associates are unable to type, they can send real-time voice notes for immediate communication.


If an associate activates the panic button, all team members are immediately informed about the person in distress and their location.


A brand requirement for some, a legal requirement for others, geo location is the highest standard of panic button devices.

Our Top Priority Is Ensuring The Safety Of Your Hotel’s Associates

ProSafe is simple and easy to use

Getting acquainted with the application’s interfaceand straightforward layout won’t require extra time or training. When prioritizing the safety and communication of your staff, simplicity and ease are precisely what you need.

ProSafe also ensures security

The collected data is securely stored and safeguarded with a PIN code, guaranteeing that only authorized individuals have the ability to access it.

ProSafe's discretion function

When the panic button is pressed, it darkens the layout, displaying only essential buttons on the device screen, ensuring privacy. ProSafe’s Panic Button provides both Audible and Silent Alarm options, giving staff members the choice.

Safety, Compliance, & More on One Dashboard.


Our incident report allows you to document and track all hotel incidents, providing the confidence that you'll have all the necessary information readily available if the matter escalates, regardless of the time that has passed. (Protected by PIN).

Incident Reports

Our incident report allows you to document and track all hotel incidents, providing the confidence that you'll have all the necessary information readily available if the matter escalates, regardless of the time that has passed. (Protected by PIN).
Hotel Embargo

At your discretion, you have the ability to impose an embargo on individuals who have engaged in severe misconduct at your hotel. This embargo can be implemented either across the entire management company or solely within a specific hotel.

We understand that ensuring safety isn't always simple, but it doesn't have to be complicated. That's why ProSafe was created: to help you take care of your people without straining your budget or making things overly complex.